Day 1 (In Review)

So, the first day of this year’s DWFDW is in the books, and I have to say that it went as well and smoothly as last year’s went poorly! I’m sure some of that had to do with the general appreciation for the adjustment down to a two day District Wide event and three days for local business at the colleges–it’s always nice to feel heard.

There were many other things, too, though, that were strikingly different from last year’s event and showed greater understanding of the whole endeavor or improvements with respect to competence with this sort of thing or attention to the things that faculty have been shouting, saying, and whispering over the course of the last year.

For me, at least, it was a significantly better experience in lots and lots of ways, and so I’m sitting here now a bit relieved, a bit satisfied, and a lot hopeful. Among the people I talked to, the sentiment(s) seemed to be similar; nearly every conversation I had gave off a nice kind of cautiously optimistic vibration, which is a nice way to start the year, I’d say.

Kudos to Mike Davis and the whole planning team, I would say (Heather Shevitz had a big role and I know there were a few other people, too, but I don’t know who. Please add any names to whom we can give due credit in the comments if you happen to know them).

How about you? What did you think?

16 thoughts on “Day 1 (In Review)

  1. Faculty and Staff Development Task Force presentation was very informative; it made staying after lunch worth it.

  2. Oh, and, while I could probably honestly give eight or nine positive comments on the day before I’d even mention this one, I think it is pretty important to mention that I was really disappointed that adjunct faculty couldn’t avail themselves of the opportunities.

    I understand that the cost and planning factor is harsh, but even if they were invited to, say, just tomorrow’s activities (which have a lot of sessions that could be valuable to their teaching, not to mention what it would do for their sense of professional respect, institutional belonging, morale, etc.

    I’d like to suggest that getting adjuncts to next year’s is the next big opportunity for improvement for the week…

    • I think the district has to pay the adjuncts a stipend if they are required to attend any activities outside of teaching. That would cost CCC some $$$. Well worth the investment I think.

      • True, if the event is “mandatory;” but they could be invited without being required to attend. Then they’d cost only what it takes to make a name tag + program + lunch, right?

        • Isn’t it rather sneaky to invite them and not pay them while we are under contract to attend (and thus, getting paid)? I’m splittin’ hairs, I know.
          Formeradjunct (aka beentheredonethat)

          • No, I wouldn’t say sneaky…just different. Surely you’re not suggesting that the main or only value to be received from such an event is monetary? (evil smile)

  3. Yeah, I had me a sip of that kool-aid too and it was refreshing.
    I thought it was a nice touch to introduce the presidents to all the faculty. I can now put a name to a face. (They all shared a good sense of humor and it appears if they were to get the boot in the future, they gots themselves a good job lined up at a fast food establishment. Should I be lookin’ for our former presidents at my local KFC?)

    It was good to see the distinguished faculty get recognized.

    High-five to the folks who brought the panel together. I think we now have each others attention.

    I give day one four out of five stars. Wait, I better not go down that road again…

  4. PhiloDave-

    Some of us had to go to HWC after lunch to help with registration. Can we get a summary of the panel discussion and other activities?

    Also, discipline specific summaries form Tuesday’s morning events would be really helpful. I would like to know what transpires at the discipline discussions since I can only be in one.

    • We were handed printed out PowerPoints that run down the findings and recommendations of all of the panels. I didn’t see or hear anything about them being confidential, so if I can get my scanner to work tonight, I’ll fire it up and post those, and then maybe people who went to the panels can fill in the discussion details.

    • Pardon the interruption but…
      Why are faculty being asked to help with registration during faculty development week? I thought we were given this week to focus on development and next week to focus on registration?
      What gives?

  5. To continue the adjunct discussion (since the previous thread is comin’ to an end):
    I agree that adjuncts should be in attendance. However, I believe they should be compensated for their time just like full-time faculty.
    To invite adjuncts is an insult, IMHO because while one small number of faculty (full-time) are being compensated, a larger number (adjuncts) would not be compensated. That’s an inequality and it sets the stage for segregation.

    We are not invited to attend, we are required to attend. For the record, I am not “suggesting that the main or only value to be received from such an event is monetary”, although some full-time faculty would probably not attend if they were not contractually obligated. What I am suggesting is that district treat all faculty regardless of status (full or adjuncts) equally when it comes to faculty development.

    To invite adjuncts this year sets a precedent that brother Mike (Ruggeri) would say is not in the best interest of all faculty, err, union members. (I know, we’re not in the same union – but that’s another story.)

    Thanks for your patience in reading. Good to have you back!

    • FYI:
      At TR, adjuncts have been invited to the local part of FDW. We have been told that we will be paid for one (1) hour of attendance. We had to RSVP to our departments in advance.
      We are REQUIRED to attend the school’s adjunct orientation (2 hrs) and departmental orientations (2 hrs), for which we are also supposed to be paid. Checks will be issued sometime in November….

      YES, we should be invited to District FDW. And, paid, too. Are we not teachers? Do we not have the same pool of students as the full time faculty?

      • I would be cool with an “if you show then you get paid” approach…I recall my line of thinking (when I was an adjunct) to be that I wanted, first and foremost, to be able to participate in opportunities to become a better teacher–I would have appreciated a free conference/workshop, assuming I could attend. I would have been annoyed by a mandated one (given that the remuneration was likely to be WAAAAY less than I could make in the same number of hours tending bar (my paying job at the time), and if the situation were one where we were getting tracked if we showed (for the purposes of a $25 stipend), I would have felt obligated to go (in order to suggest that I was “a hard worker”) and annoyed that I could have made that in an hour or so of slinging whiskey.

        But, like I said, I think an invite with pay for attendance would be preferable to no pay, but I’d say that an invite without pay would have been (to me) preferable to no invite at all.

        But maybe that’s just me. I definitely hear your point, Chris (and yours Realist). Both are legit.

        • Hi boss,
          This will be the last you hear from me about this matter (perhaps until next year).
          Your points are well taken and I guess it all has to do with the way the invitation is presented to our dear adjuncts.
          No invite at all trumps any points I’ve made. However, once an invite is made, then I think it needs to be addressed with all academic seriousness and equality given that we are all CCC faculty.
          See you tomorrow around the college. As always, thanks for your time.

          Thank you Chris for your POV!

  6. Not only should adjunct faculty be invited but also the adult education faculty should be included.

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