5 thoughts on “HWFDW Open Thread

  1. This was a super faculty development day on my end. Aside from a successful but technically challenged Quick Enroll session, I attended the talks on academic freedom, the wellness center and faculty council. All three were super with excellent speakers and pertinent to what I do as a teacher.

    I’m not going over what I learned in this post, but this is the kind of day I’d expect to have during FDW. Looking forward to tomorrow…

  2. The credit should go to those that presented. Without them (PhiloDave included), it would have been me with a microphone doing bad karaoke and even worse math stand-up. 🙂

    • Just sos ya know, I’da paid money for that Mathisisexy; and I woulda gotten a required session outa da way.
      Can we at least have the lyrics to the song(s) you considered? 🙂

      • Something folkie, I’d guess…

        “The Times They Are A-Changing, maybe.”

        Better would be “Folsom Prison Blues” or “Samson and Delilah”

        • When I karaoke I take it overly seriously. For many years, my go-to song was Piano Man (an inebriated crowd favorite). On more ambitious occasions, I’ll do Cryin by Roy Orbison.

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