It’s Complicated: Union Matters

What up peeps? I saw the email from John Metoyer and his repsonse to our new union leadership regarding registration duties and quick enroll. Per John’s reply:

I sincerely don’t understand how using Quick Enroll is outside of the realm of registration duties.  It is registration.  It saves students time and frustration.  And on a personal note, it was REALLY frustrating for me to sit with a student for 30 minutes, trying to figure out a schedule for the semester, then sending her off to get enrolled, only to have her return an hour later to tell me half of the classes we scheduled were closed by the time she made it to the front of the line.  Giving faculty access and ability to Quick Enroll will end this.

Before we fill our emails with replies to all, I hereby ask that we move the conversation over to The Lounge.

What say the union members? What more say the union leadership? If you’re a 1708 union member, have your say… right here!

What a shame that our previous union leaders never stepped up to say something. Now precedent has been set. July 15, 2013 – here we come!

One thought on “It’s Complicated: Union Matters

  1. Well…
    Per the follow-up email from our local union reps:

    Dear Faculty, Professionals, and Administrators,

    I wanted to clarify some concerns in this private exchange, now made public, between John and Hector: THE HWC LOCAL 1600 Chapter is NOT TELLING AND HAS NEVER TOLD FACULTY TO NOT REGISTER STUDENTS. We would never tell our members to be insubordinate and not do their duties. That would be absurd.

    We had concerns with the Quick Enroll process and whether that was a violation of our Union Contract and whether we were taking away 1708 work.

    I have contacted our leadership, including Perry, and talked to many of you, face-to-face, about this issue. Both professionals and faculty gave me their candid input about Quick Enroll, and I am grateful for your feedback.

    After further analysis and now that I have a better understanding of Quick Enroll, I have decided that using Quick Enroll is not a Contract violation.

    I guess I should sign-up for one of dem quick enroll sessions…
    With all due respect, can I ask our union leaders how this is no longer a violation of our contract? Can I sees some rationale?

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