For Reference: FC4 Resolution on Academic Freedom

REPOSTED from April 7, 2011:

There was discussion about this resolution and its contents at both the Humanities Discipline meeting and yesterday’s Local FC meeting; to make it easier to find for everyone, I’ve just reposted the original announcement here:

Speaking of Academic Freedom, your District Wide Faculty Council Executive Committee (expanded at the last FC4 meeting to include–along with the FC4 President, Vice President, Secretary and Committee A Chair–the seven local FC Presidents) met with the administration yesterday to present them with a request to enact by board rule a resolution about academic freedom, to demonstrate in action the kind of support for academic freedom that the Chancellor suggested in words at her last meeting with the Executive Committee, and to which the Chair of the Board did not object.

The resolution was originally drafted and adapted from the AAUP statement(s) on academic freedom, and then reworked over the course of an hour’s discussion by the District Wide Faculty Council, shepherded expertly by Truman FC President Joy Walker and a few others whose names I didn’t record (alas!–sorry!!). It reads as follows:

The College curriculum, including entrance and exit tests, text book and instructional resources, student grading, the content of syllabi for credit courses, developmental courses and library instruction, departmental polices and all modes of course content and delivery, is the responsibility of the faculty. The faculty must give approval to all academic policies prior to their implementation.

The faculty pledge in good faith to work with the administration, and with colleagues across the district, on academic policies under the agreement that individual faculty members and departments have the final say on all of the aforementioned curricular decisions.

The resolution was presented to the Board this morning, in the hopes that they agree to concretize in Board Rule the stated beliefs of the Chancellor and Board Chair. I will have updates on any action taken when any action is taken on it.

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