Harold Lounge: Phase III

Just in case you were wondering what I said at the HWFDW presentation on the Lounge, but couldn’t be there, this is it.

Just multiply the words displayed by 3,861 and then use your imagination and it’ll be just like you were there.

The upshot is that I’m really, really, really hopeful to get more people involved. Whether that means taking over a regular feature, creating one of your own, splitting one with a friend (or me), or just being willing to toss something up once a month.

This has to be come a more communally produced site or it will die/never reach anything close to it’s potential.

So that is my challenge to you: if you dig it, help it live by taking a little ownership…

9 thoughts on “Harold Lounge: Phase III

  1. Even though I’ve put myself on sabbatical, here’s what I’d like to do remotely:
    I’ll take one more Monday Morning Music (this one comin’ up) and then, if you don’t mind, one more here and there.
    I also would like to run a regular post for our new full-timers before they get lost in the red tape that is portfolio. (I know you have a post scheduled for later today sos I’ll wait on this thought.)
    I gots week 8 covered (in similar fashion to last year) if you’re good with dat.
    I’ll put my feelers out to see if I can get Friday Spotlight goin. I might have to reach out to my fb peeps.
    That’s all for now. Over and out.

    I’ll second your request for more participation. I don’t mind entertaining and informin’ myself, but I’m an educator and learning is vital to my professional growth. Whacha gots peeps?

    • Tomorrow’s Monday Music is yours, Realist. After that I’ll be (possibly) splitting it with another person, unless someone else is interested in splitting it with that person.

      Week 8 is all yours if you really want it. You can change your mind between now and then should things come up.

      No pressure on the Friday Spotlight–I have an idea for that one that I might be able to make work. More this week…

  2. I’m totally happy to ALWAYS do Monday Music. It makes me happy. Just let me know.

    Other than that? Gee whiz. Faculty Inquiry Discussion Group on four topics over the term? Can you set up a side discussion forum here? somewhere?

    • Nice! Sign up at WordPress.com and let me know when you have and I’ll put you in…

  3. I’m all for Realist taking a sabbatical. Great idea.

    Also, and perhaps we already have this, but a weekly post with our suggestions for Faculty Council which should come from FC. I see Jesu is trying to do something like that for Union contract, etc which is awesome.

    • Where? On Facebook?

      (Agreed about the awesome part).

      As for FC, the ReinQuestion posts were sort of like that, but I’m not sure weekly will draw much action. How about if I put one up on the first of the month (which is anywhere from 7 to 14 days before the FC meeting)? Would that work?

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