Daley College’s Remediation Initiative

Did you see THIS article from Inside Higher Ed in July?

The program got a mention in the recent Reader article, but not much of a description. There’s a little more here:

While most two-year institutions struggle with the high costs and low passing rates of remedial courses, administrators in one Chicago community college believe they’ve found a way to double pass rates.

“This is the most exciting project, in all my years in higher education, that I’ve ever collaborated on,” said Daley College President Jose Aybar. “The results have been startling across disciplines.”

Aybar said Daley’s new supplemental remedial program, “Comprehensive Academic Support and Help to Return on Investment,” (CASH-to-ROI), led to dramatic improvement in student success. CASH-to-ROI isn’t meant to replace remedial courses but to supplement them with group study sessions, which some Daley students were required to attend during the spring 2011 semester.

Awful name, but (maybe) some impressive results?

One thought on “Daley College’s Remediation Initiative

  1. Make sure you read the comments for the reader article…..just below……they are intriguing…

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