Are U ready for some FOOTBALL!

Hey peeps!

I decided to build on some of the good ol’ fun we likes to have with sports on The Lounge (think March Madness and Polls for the past professional playoffs) so I went ahead and created a pool via Here it is:

I think all you need to do is click on the link and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll need to create an account but I know some of you fantasy-oriented folks already have one, yes? BTW, admins are welcome to join; encouraged actually, if they think they can outsmart faculty. (That’s right, I’m talkin’ trash and I’m just warmin’ up!)

This is a straight-up ‘pick your wining teams from week to week’. No point spreads. I’m not sure how the post season will work, but we’ll cross that bridge when we gets there.

Oh yeah, I’m this close to pickin’ the Bears to win all their games and the Packers to be defeated every week (even their bye)! The points will work themeslves out in the end. Did a certain Dave hear me?

Wacha waitin’ for?

3 thoughts on “Are U ready for some FOOTBALL!

      • Thanks PhiloDave,
        Sorry I didn’t post it sooner. OK, secret’s out. No excuses now.

        Are you there Jen A?

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