Highlights from the Board Report: August 2011

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

The August Board Report is up, and here are a few items of note:

~HR has two major projects going: bids for a new Time and Attendance  (software? timeclock? tracking chips? I don’t know what nor for whom–if anyone can find the RFP that would be helpful) and an RFP for “Performance Management” (again, no idea here, but it sounds Orwellian to me). They are also planning an employee satisfaction survey and a revision to the employee manual.

~The Office of Academic Affairs reports that the Gardner Institute (remember them?) got paid 12 Gs for their efforts during LAST year’s DWFDW. Totally worth it. And they have the final Spring 2010 numbers showing overall enrollment as being down 6.4% compared to 2010. Of course, college credit is up 2.5%, but the overall numbers were hurt by a drop in Vocational Skills (29.2%), Adult Ed (down 19.2%), and Continuing Ed (down 15.7%).

~Something about money.

~Lots of hiring: 3 new Executive Directors of Business (Harold Washington, Olive Harvey, and Malcolm X), a new Executive Director of Marketing and Communication, a new District Director of Community Affairs, and a new Child Development teacher at Olive Harvey. Also, the rank promotions became official (congratulations to Elisabeth Greer, Liliana Jianu, Amelia Lopez, Nedjla Ougouag, Kamilah Sanders, Chyong-Hwa (Kurt) Sheu, and Les White for promotion to Assistant Professor; congratulations to Marcy Henry for promotion to Associate Professor; and congratulations to Myra Cox and Augusthy Kulakkattolickal on their promotion to Professor. Additionally, Cynthia Armster is the new Director of Wellness Relations (no idea what that means), Dennis Macklin has moved from Wright to the District Office (if you’re keeping track), and the new Reinvention team members are listed (looks like they’ve gone lean this semester–only 15 team members announced) and include HW Student Rotimi Akindele, Ellen Eason Montgomery, Jen Meresman, and Athan Vouzianas, with Roberta Bole and Steven Seidman re-upping for a second go-around.

~Those marketing people are going to be busy.

~And, finally, Rosie read Polly Hoover’s address to the board.

Let me know in the comments if I missed something.


One thought on “Highlights from the Board Report: August 2011

  1. Thanks PhiloDave,
    I was going to get to July 2011 report and I totally fell asleep on the hammock with a cool drink by my side.

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