Monday Music

Monday Music is a regular feature whose goal is to provide you with some music to get you fired up for another week of doing the yeoperson’s work of educating the citizenry. Requests welcome!

Love that kick drum. And the gorgeous harmonies. And the chorus. My goodness. Breathtaking. It doesn’t hurt that the lyrics make a near perfect match for a philosopher’s theme song. If my life were a tv show, I’d want this as the song for the show:

And they play the Metro on October 4th.

4 thoughts on “Monday Music

    • And so nothing gold can stay…

      (or “every good thing shall be colonized and appropriated and converted into an advertisement”)

      I know I should be happy for them, and I’d never begrudge them the opportunity that the national exposure represents, but, still, it bums me out a little.

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