Chairs Meeting – September 2011

Hi all,

I just want to give you a quick summary of what occurred at our September 9, 2011 Chairs Meeting (sorry to be a bit late, I left the college on Friday without my notes). There was no particular order to the discussion of topics, as you’ll note below.

The meeting began at 9:30am

  1. New Admins were introduced. Kent Lusk was introduced as the new Andy. Will Edwards was introduced as the new Keenan.
  2. We then proceeded to have a 45 minute discussion with representatives from Beck’s. Hector was present. John Mazar, General Manager, and Patrick Olson, Marketing & Development, rounded out the trio. A hand-out with ‘Problems Experienced’ with Becks was made available (I believe by John Metoyer). There was a lot of Q&A between HWC members and Beck’s members. John Gazar concluded that we need to have more communication based on the concerns that were voiced. It appeared that Beck’s wants to resolve our problems.
  3. Rooms for the Spring semester are being allocated. Talk to Vince if you need to reserve space in room 404 for your class. Give him advanced notice.
  4. Keep your office hours. There was no elaboration on this point. It just had to be said so we would communicate it with our faculty.
  5. Your syllabi need to be on Blackboard. Audits from District will be coming. (Chairs only need to be responsible for informing faculty, but we are not the syllabi police; that’s where District comes in. You’ve been informed.)
  6. There is a move to have TWO Chairs meetings per month. Thank you to one of the Chairs for requesting we make the second meeting virtual in nature. HWC admin was supportive of the idea.
  7. This should be 6a: If needed departments should think about having more than one meeting a month in order to disseminate information. Read between the lines; if information is flowing, then regular meetings are fine.
  8. We were informed that we might have our own Spring schedule instead of the ONE CCC schedule. We’ll know more soon.
  9. Mention was made about some departments not having program coordinators. Admin will look into the matter per input from faculty as to the role of coordinators.
  10. John Hader gave a quick plug for ‘Community College Teaching and Learning’. I think we’ve seen the emails. If you have time, take advantage of the opportunity.
  11. As Dave mentioned in an earlier post, John Metoyer introduced the KPI/PBF slideshow to the Chairs. Performance Based Funding is here to stay. From what I understand, we, faculty, have an opportunity to give input and direction. (Per a post that I have yet to create regarding lunch with the Chancellor, I’m learning that our input will make a difference.) However, we need to be involved and we are being asked to participate. This is good news. Like it or not, this will determine our funding.
  12. John Metoyer mentioned that Mike Davis was suppose to join us and talk about departmental web pages. That discussion was, for the most part, tabled.
  13. Brandon made a visit to inform us of… ETHICS TRAINING! The ‘portal’ opens Monday (that’s today). Brandon wanted chairs to tell faculty that the training is ‘required for employment’ instead of using the M-word (mandatory).
  14. The District download date for the schedule is October 9, 2011. If there are any concerns with having the same bland schedule that we had for Spring, John asked that we send him our concerns. (I recommend you forward concerns to your chairs as soon as possible.)
  15. Chairs were reminded that they need to be in their offices during open registration. If chairs are not available, there needs to be a point-person so students receive immediate assistance.
  16. Credentials are becoming less of an issue.
  17. Email any pros and cons regarding this semester’s registration process to all of the following individuals: President, Vice-President, Dean of Student Services and Dean of Instruction.
  18. ALL CCC employees and students need to have their IDs by September 16. I’m not sure what will happen if you miss the deadline.
  19. The new format for the business cards is out. We’re not sure who gets to order and pay for updated cards.
  20. George Bickford has set a goal for himself to conduct 100 adjunct evaluations. Chairs can request that George evaluate specific faculty. George promised to give notice to faculty and to not evaluate after week 14.
  21. Marcia Turner from CDL made her regular visit. No major news.

Meeting adjourned shortly after 11:30am.

Per my convoluted notes, that’s all have. If other Chairs heard otherwise or took better notes, feel free to append. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Chairs Meeting – September 2011

  1. Hi Slg,
    You are welcome.
    By the way, since the post, our VP sent the presentation files regarding KPI and PBF to the department chairs.
    See you Chair for further information.

  2. Two department meetings per month is too much. If that is the case one should be virtual, for that matter why can’t all of them be virtual?
    Less meeting more doing!

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