Banning the Ad–Welcome to the New and Improved Lounge

I was on someone else’s computer yesterday, and I thought I’d check out what was happening on the Lounge. So I punched it up, forgetting that I wasn’t signed in, and was horrified to see what the non-editors see–half the page was advertisements!

WordPress provides all this stuff for free (or most of it, anyway), and I’d forgotten that when a blog starts to get enough views to justify the advertisements, they start sticking them on there. I hadn’t realized that the Lounge had crossed that threshold because when I looked at the pages, they were ad free.

I certainly don’t begrudge WordPress the necessity to make a little cash here and there–they aren’t doing this as a public service, after all–but I’d much prefer not having the Lounge sullied by advertisement (a.k.a, the ugly, grabby reach of The Man). Luckily they offer an option (only 8 cents a day!) for slamming the door on the Man while still contributing to the coffers of WordPress, and I pushed the button on it.

And so, welcome to the new, ad-free, Lounge.

Stickin’ it to The Man since February 2010.

5 thoughts on “Banning the Ad–Welcome to the New and Improved Lounge

  1. Dave,
    Thanks for thinking of us, and not wanting the readers to be distracted by ads.
    Internet Explorer is the primary culprit in the ad display department. Firefox has an extension that banishes virtually all ads. It’s called Ad-Block Plus, and it’s down-loadable with any Firefox installation.

    Because I use Firefox (with this extension) I’ve never seen an ad in the Lounge.

    My post here is to let other Lounge Lizards know that they can remove ads from the rest of their surfing day as well.


    • Thanks for the adblock tip – just installed it and not getting nearly as many ads while surfing. Ghostery is a different, but effective, free download as well. It shows you who’s trying to track your surfing and lets you block or learn more about them.

  2. Hi PhiloDave,
    I’ve seen the ads here and there. They really don’t bother me. I didn’t notice if it was browser related. Too late now.
    Thanks for thinkin’ of us “Lounge Lizards” – I like that Chris!

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