Tolle Blege!

You’ve heard the words Tolle Lege, meaning, ‘Take up and read’ (Correct me if I’m wrong PhiloDave).

Well, after going to Don’s blog and Kojo’s blog, I say “Tolle Blege!”, Take up and blog! (In case ya ain’t noticed, The Lounge is notorious for play on words and coining new ones.)

I believe we (faculty) have been hesitant to comment on blogs ’cause the powers that be told us in a round about way that we could get ourselves into a heap ‘o trouble if we used our computers for anything other than “educational purposes”. I believe the fear set in when it was stated at a union meeting last semester that we were being monitored. Big Brother, or in our case, Big Sister was watching; tracking our every click from one site to another; as if an alarm would go off at District if we found our way to fb or yahoo or some other “non-academic” site. The amount of visits to The Lounge declined along with the comments.

Fear: 1, Faculty: 0

I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to get back on your computers and at the very least, hit a few blogs with passion. Why? WHY?, you ask? Here’s why:

  1. I don’t believe District is monitoring EVERY SINGLE CLICK! I know our computers keep a history of where we’ve been. However, a few settings in Firefox and your browsing and cookie history can be, well, history.
  2. Our president has a blog! Do you really think a mice-chancellor or some admin is going to arrest you ’cause you were reading Don’s blog? Doesn’t Don want us to read his blog? Doesn’t he want feedback?
  3. Our Provost has a blog! Do you really think a mice-chancellor or some admin is going to arrest you ’cause you were reading Kojo’s blog? Doesn’t Kojo want us to read his blog? Doesn’t he want feedback?

The way I see it, scare tactics were used to keep us from building any momentum. I won’t get into the why; I’ll just leave it at that. However, since that announcement, we’ve had CCC employees recognizing blogs as a means of communication. Heck, CCC folks have fb pages. Reinvention went WordPress! The Chancellor has a Twitter account! They’re beggin’ us to use these ‘non-academic’ means of communication!

This is why I say forget about the past! The silver lining to Reinvention has been the adoption of technology to reach out to students and… to faculty! Fear, along with the old regime of mice-chancellors and tenured presidents, was shown the back exit on a moving train.

Get out there and blog (and fb). Give Don some input! Give Kojo some feedback! Reshape Reinvention! Tweet the Chancellor! (Like a few CCC related pages on fb.)

Embrace technology and Tolle Blege!

7 thoughts on “Tolle Blege!

  1. Thanks for backin’ up my words Charles Ansell.
    I left you a couple of posts on Talk 2 Us.
    I’ll check in from time to time.
    Just so ya know, I will not always agree with what Reinvention is doing, but you will certainly get a candid reply since IMHO I believe that is what you want.

  2. Blah! People have quit reading the Lounge, not because they are afraid that big chancellor is watching them, but rather that their post have no meaning in this environment. Daily I get to see an HWC employee, who was found watching porn on a campus computer. If this person continues to have a job, we are all safe. The reason people quit reading the lounge or posting is…what is the point? Just when a good discussion is started, it is time for Monday Music, or Tuesday Twinkledinks. Plus, we get on here and comment on the state of school and NOTHING is solved. BTW- where is the post regarding the Reinvention Round table? Supposedly this was co-sponsored by Faculty Council? So where is the post?

    The Harold Lounge was a great idea….and could be again. But, like the Round-table, it is all about complain, and no solution….what is the point! Take a page from Kojo, and post a pertinent topic and leave it up for a week or two. Since so many of the community have lost faith, send out an email to all HWC to check it out. See what you get and then Faculty Council, under whose auspices this blog apparently exists, can consider the feedback and hopefully communicate that to the 11th floor and district. If you are lacking for a topic, here is one: how can CCC communicate to the Mayor’s office that we care nothing for changing our logo and everything about providing resources for our faculty, staff and students. Buy us some markers, some paper and some equipment and we will never ever, EVER, ask for new business cards with the new logo.

    So I post this, but I know, Monday Music and Tuesday teaching shall overcome this discussion. Perhaps this discussion is not worthy of HWC. Since I’m not the real Realist, who am I to decide?

    • I appreciate your words ‘Realist?’
      A few months ago I would have agreed with you. I have had similar sentiments towards all of this writing and discussion.
      It is fair to ask where it’s gotten us. I read your frustration.
      However, I believe it is our responsibility to state our concerns anywhere we can and everywhere we can.
      I was in this class a while back and I remember the instructor talkin’ ’bout how people make a difference. The instructor told the class this story in order to make a point:
      There was this boy along the shores of the ocean and he saw all of these fish washed up on the shore. He quickly ran to the fish and his friend told him not to waste his time because he would never save all of the fish. The boy turned around and said to him ‘well, you may be right, but this fish right here, the one I’m holding in my hand, this fish will make it today.’ With that he flung the fish back into the ocean.
      Call me a kid lookin’ to throw fish back into the water. What would happen if we were all like this child? Is this an uphill battle? Yes. Is it worth our time posting? I don’t know. I’ll let you decide. In the mean time, I’ll do my part.
      I don’t disagree with you ‘Realist?’, I’m just showing you another POV.
      Thank you very much for your reply.
      Continue to give your two-cents.

  3. I think we must be looking at different sets of stats, Realist.

    Nobody published a thing on the Lounge today, hell there was only one post all weekend, and we still had 141 views today on a beautiful autumn Sunday. Again, that’s without publishing a THING. And even with that lowish number, we’re still averaged 257 views per day this week.

    It’s true that we don’t have as many people reading (or maybe visiting as often is more accurate) as last spring at the peak, but August of this year nearly doubled August of last year, and we’ll have more views this September than last. More comments, too.

    I think your point was to encourage people to read and discuss and get involved (totally support it and appreciate and share your enthusiasm for it), but I think they are. The numbers don’t lie.

    Rather than pointing to fear as a culprit, I think I’d point to the natural rhythms of the semester–people’s free time and frustrations ebb and flow, I figure, and we’ve still got more flow this year than last year. Even when I take a weekend off.

    I’ll take it.

    • Hi PhiloDave,
      I concur. I took a look at the monthly stats and saw that after March 2011, the numbers went into a decline; each month. They only picked-up in August of 2011.
      Perhaps I should not have stated fear, but honestly the news from the meeting and the decline in numbers appeared to be more than coincidental.
      I’m open to somepeep stating otherwise. If it wasn’t fear, then are you correct regarding time and frustration? Ya gots me.

      Yes, my point is to encourage participation. Ya read my mind. Thanks for stating it.

      IMHO, we did our fair share of vocalizing our concerns regarding the reinvention machine. However, we need to stay vocal if we are going to continue to make a difference.
      I’d hate to hear some mice-chancellor say that the reinvention blog was out there and there was no input from faculty. If that happens, then what will we do?

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