Honor Roll Additions–Social Work Faculty

Congratulations are due to a pair of our Social Work faculty who just made the Honor Roll!

Mike Heathfield (Applied Sciences) has a new book chapter out that “concentrates on the youth work program here at HWC.” It is called ‘A Chicago Story: Challenge and Change’ in Fusco, Dana (2012) (Ed) Advancing Youth Work New York & London: Routledge.  Mike tells me, “It was actually derived from my tenure project – so, other than a damn good job, good things can come of those dreaded projects, despite popular and appropriate mythology!”

He also told me that one of our new adjuncts in social work (Camille Williamson) also has a chapter about her experiences in the youth work program.

He added that she is “an interesting case with regard to reinvention data.  She already had a masters in social work before she joined the youth program but she completed (very successfully) all of the credits (15) for the Basic College Certificate in Social Work: Youth Work.  She took these courses because they were professionally relevant to her work and was supported by her employer.  She has never officially ‘graduated’ with this Certificate – mainly because she doesn’t need the piece of paper.  So she will not register in our data as a successful completer.”
Yet, there she is publishing a chapter  on a topic that she studied at HWC. As Mike put it, “How complex we community colleges are.”
Congratulate them both if and when you see them!

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