Faculty Council Corner

Faculty Council Corner is a regular Thursday morning feature, presenting an open thread for you to bother your HWFC members with pressing questions (or for us to post the pressing questions that you have). Also, you can expect this to be the forum where we post regular updates about what is happening with Faculty Council and when.

Welcome back to the FC Corner. Let’s pretend it’s still Thursday morning shall we?

Last Week’s Pressing Questions:


This Week’s Updates:
~The main order of HWFC business this week is gathering nominations for suckers professional minded people of integrity willing to stand for election in the first week of October for:

A) Two spots on HWFC (local Faculty Council) to serve three year terms; and

B) A one-year term of service on FC4 (District Wide Faculty Council), representing HW; and

C) A one-semester gig on FC4 (this Spring), serving as a substitute for Tom Higgins while he is on sabbatical.

So far we have three fabulous nominees for the HWFC spots, but we still need nominees for B and C. Keep in mind that non-tenured faculty ARE eligible to run and serve, and the relatively short terms might be an interesting way to get to take a low-commitment trial run at a Faculty Council gig to learn what it’s all about for tenured or non-tenured faculty members alike.

Please think about someone you know who is smart and great and maybe available on Wednesday afternoons and ask them if they’d accept your nomination of them for a one year or one semester term on FC4, or, if you’re interested yourself, swallow your humility and ask someone to nominate you. How could they say no? We need great people representing over there, and you’re great, so just volunteer already!

~The second order of business has been populating the KPI subcommittees, which Rosie has been admirably handling (she sent an email update yesterday). Once that work is finalized, we’ll send out information about our reps so that if you have any ideas or suggestions you’ll know to whom to give them.

~Finally, HWFC has a meeting scheduled with Don (the Prez) next Tuesday. We’ve got a pretty good list of things to talk about already, but if you have any ideas for things you think we should discuss, please post them in the comments. More on that meeting next week.

4 thoughts on “Faculty Council Corner

  1. OK. It’s Thursday morning; and this question is one day late:
    Once the nominations for FC and FC4 are made official, can FC, via The Lounge, ask the nominated faculty members to introduce themselves and state why they want to be a member of FC?
    Two reasons I ask. One, we have new faculty members and they should know who these folks are. Two, I’d like to make an informed and educated decision when I mail in my vote.

    Thanks for the update too! Have a good meetin’ with Don.

  2. For your meeting with the prez, would you please include faculty concern about the purchasing/procurement crisis that has not been resolved. Ask your fellow faculty members to tell you their horror stories–Physical Chemistry, Library, and other departments around the District.

      • Please, please, do it =( This is getting up to the “non-sense” stage. I have no material for one of my classes because of the Library situation (sending PO to DO since May and not getting anything back yet! ??). The bid process for the piano tuning (similar to the rest of those processes) has to travel twice to DO. . . How? Notice the process:

        A) Departments request the bids and fill out “Recapitulation of Bids” form plus the “Requisition Form.” Of course, those will have the chairperson signature and travel to 11th for at least 3 more signatures.
        B) After all the signatures, “Requisition Form” w/signatures, “Recapitulation of Bids” plus the 3 bids will travel to DO, via fax or campus mail. Those will go to Mrs. H. Neely. She will revise that and approve it.
        C) DO (Mrs. Neely) will send the decision to either the department that originated the forms (at HWC in this case) or the Business Office at the college.
        D) The Business Office will input the results in the computer (or something like that), and send the forms to DO-Provost office for final approval.
        E) Then, we can start generating the purchase orders for tuning the pianos.

        At least, this is what I found out this past week. Wouldn’t be easy to make the documentation travel only ONCE back and forth if needed. Just a thought . . .

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