Harold Lounge Football Pool: Lookin’ ahead to week 3

I’m not gonna provide weekly updates, but since there’s a BIG NFC North game this weekend in Chicago, I thought I’d give ya the points standings from our HWC Pool.

Each player gets a point for pickin’ the winner of each game. 2 weeks down, 14 to go.

Marta – 9 points this week (Not bad after missing week 1. You go Marta!)
Mathissexy – 8 points this week. 14 total (You and junior done good)
PhiloDave – 13 points this week. 20 total (PhiloDave is this week’s points leader and overall leader. Nice goin’ boss! You get the ‘We’re Number 1’ foam finger. It comes in bright HWC orange!)
MrDrProf – 0 points (A new member of the pool. Like Marta, he’s givin’ us a head start. I’ll take it.)
Chicago Realist – 11 points this week 19 total (Did I say I was stickin’ with Chicago for week 2? My bad. ‘Sal right. Still feelin’ lucky. Perhaps they’ll have an O-line this weekend. Perhaps they’ll expose the stinky cheese of a Packers defense. Perhaps I’m dreamin’. Only down by one point overall. Rollin’ the dice…)

Still time to join. Make your picks and talk some trash. All are welcome to participate!

Here’s the link: http://hl2011.football.cbssports.com/e

Here’s the password: hl2011

Get a username and set your password. Picks need to be made one hour before the game goes live.
Get you some game!

6 thoughts on “Harold Lounge Football Pool: Lookin’ ahead to week 3

    • Note to self: Must remain objective and stop dreaming of an undefeated Bears season. Must. Beat. PhiloDave.

    • It should Marta.
      I’d like to use my baseball expertise; unfortunately, this city gots a couple of Triple-A teams this season causing me to have impaired sports vision.

  1. Realist, you should change your nick. Bears over Cheese Heads? Really? Maybe Mathissexy is running some numbers but I don’t think it’s working. From now on, both of you, HW CrazyOptimists.

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