Friday Faculty Forum

If all goes as planned, this here post will be a regular Friday feature. It is meant to be a sort of Q&A for all faculty, tenured and non-tenured, who have questions about anything and everything related to working at HWC and working for CCC. Any faculty member can ask a question, and any faculty member can provide an answer. Advice and tips are also welcomed. Admins, consider yourselves members of the forum.

So you’ve seen how this works. Time for me to step aside and let YOU, the tenured, the non-tenured, the adjunct ask a question and we, ‘Lounge Lizards’ (as  one Chris stated in a previous reply), will provide an answer.

My thanks to Arnold Horseshack for last weeks links. I’m a gonna bookmark ’em!

OK, Forum is open. What’s your question?

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