Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday is a regular feature in which we highlight one (or a couple) of sites from the Billions floating around the Intertoobz that just might help you with your Herculean task of educating inquiring minds. Any and all suggestions for future editions are welcome.

I don’t know what it is, exactly (roughly, it’s a search engine) or how to use it in the classroom. It’s fun, though.

It’s called Spezify.

Maybe you have some ideas for it?

One thought on “Website Wednesday

  1. Here’s a shameless plug that I think is fitting as a comment here. The CAST Tech group has some events coming up in which faculty will be able to share resources just like the one in this post in a “speed datingesque” setting. The dates are Tuesdays Oct. 18 and Nov. 15. Look out for an e-mail and announcement very soon calling for presenters.

    P.S. Spezify if very cool. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely use it next time a do a search during class given how visual it is.

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