Highlights of KPI Steering and Subcommittee meetings 9 28 11

Highlights of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Steering Committee Meeting

September 28, 2011, 2-4pm

After a quick review of the project, we were given a timeline with deadlines.  Each subcommittee was charged with developing key performance indicators relevant to subcommittee.  Developing the kpis is mostly conceptual; it does not involve going out and gathering the data.

The next upcoming deadline is October 14th.  Each subcommittee will have submitted a first draft of their proposed kpis, and the steering committee will meet on that day to review(?).  The final draft of the proposed kpis for all subcommittees is October 24th.

Afterward, we broke into subcommittees.  Here are the highlights of those subcommittees as shared with me. Any questions about particular subcommittees should be addressed to those attending.

Remedial Education – Todd Heldt attending

The subcommittee discussed what is driving the KPI initiative: district’s strategic plan, the upcoming City Data Portal, state legislative activity around performance based funding.

Concern was expressed about kpis being used to evaluate individual teachers. It was reiterated that “individual teachers will not be evaluated, and that KPIs are not punitive in nature.”

The subcommittee discussed how district-wide kpis would be applied.  Namely, “individual colleges will get to decide how they want to meet that KPI.  Moreover, we can sort our student population and build kpis around different subsets of population, the idea being that if we know some of our students only come here for one semester, we can filter them. The process should be: Step 1) Figure out how to sort the students; step 2) Figure out how to measure “success” among those students (in the broadest possible sense); and Step 3) Show improvement.”

Their next meeting is October 5, 2011.

Transfer – Tom Higgins, Farahnaz Movahedzadeh, and John Metoyer attending

I don’t have notes from their meeting yet, but a tool has been developed by John Metoyer to solicit feedback regarding appropriate objectives and kpis (tools to measure objectives).  This tool –  a survey – is being distributed amongst the subcommittee and is being shared here to solicit feedback from the general HWC community.

Please take some time to complete the survey.  Here’s the link: http://www.tfaforms.com/219509

Their next meeting will be scheduled shortly, but they plan to communicate more regularly via Blackboard.

Student Services – Rosie Banks and Wendell Blair attending

(This is a shorter version of the minutes graciously sent by Janice Dantes)

Our meeting was dedicated to identifying objectives and discussing the broad role of student services in academic life, including challenges at the intersection of student services and academic life.

Student services has a very detailed annual plan, which we used to guide our process.

The objectives that we identified were as follows:

Increase four-year transfer

Enhance online student services

Build more partnerships and create more job placements

Improve student engagement and campus life utilization

Track services and student participation

Improve and provide access to technology

Improve access to financial aid/scholarships (financial resources)

Accurately capture student goals/intent

Intrusive/targeted advising

Effective communication processes across the CCC district

Our assignment moving forward is to review listed objectives and add any that are relevant to student services to the list.  Then, we will rank the objectives so that our next meeting will be dedicated to aligning our ranking of the objectives and developing appropriate kpis.

Our next meeting is October 12, 2011 from 9-10:30am

Again, please send all questions, comments, and concerns to the person(s) attending the relevant subcommittee and/or complete the survey.  We’d love to hear from you.

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