Midterm week @ The Lounge: Cup o’ Joe

HI KIDS! It’s week 8! Oh. My. Gwash.

This is the week that we just ain’t got time for extracurricular activities (if you do, I don’t want to know what you’re doin’) so don’t you fret. With PhiloDave’s consent, The Lounge will be here to serve as a break from all that is mid-term week. The mantra this week will be: ACTION DISTRACTION. If you need to take a break from grading, stop by. I’ll do my best to post some amusing, and educationally-slanted posts. Have a good week peeps!

First up, in honor of Monday music, I’ll have a caffeinated musical selection for you each mornin’, dubbed, Cup O’ Joe.

If this don’t wake you, give yourself an ADW and the rest of the week off!

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