Websitepalooza in the afternoon

In honor of Website Wednesday, I have a plethora of sites to share with you today. Not all at once, mind you. A sprinkling throughout the day. You may even be able to integrate some with your classes or… as you review assignments.

Tetris – I know this was a popular samwiched somewhere between Chess/Checkers and Nintendo’s Gameboy. Shur looks old today and yet it still captivates my attention. Keep your Call of Duty. Give me Tetris. (I wouldn’t say no to a quick game of chess or checkers either.)

I didn’t do all of my research on this site,, but it looks like they got somethin’ for everypeep – incuding those that need a little distraction this week.

This site looked good too: – Have a looksee.

Give this site a moment to load and then you should be good to go: Online Checkers– I played by different rules, but this game will do for now. This one is good too: Checkers Online and other Board Games

Have fun, and remember, YOU… ARE… JUST… TAKING… A… BREAK, ok?, ok.

If you know of other related sites, feel free to share!

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