Got 38 minutes you can spare?

Per the Vimeo website of the Canon-sponsored contest titled The Story Beyond The Still:

Month after month, aspiring filmmakers were invited to pick up where the previous winning short film ended – on an evocative photograph. Contestants then reinterpreted that still, telling the story that lived beyond it in a short film of their own.

Basically, filmmakers compete to create one chapter in a seven-chapter length movie, but each director can go in any direction, so long as the story has a creative timeline. Talk about creative ad-lib!

I’ve not seen all of the chapters, but I finally found the site where the chapters are assembled into the complete movie. Give it a watch. Click here. It’s 3 seconds shy of 38 minutes. The finalists are also on the page, so if one movie ain’t enough, watch some shorts too!

If you like movies, I grant you a moment of rest and distraction. Take it.

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