I gotta say, I found this report disturbing when it first came out. I have nothing against Dilbert. No, what bothers me about this article titled Dilbert Creator Caught Defending Himself Anonymously on Popular Online Discussion Board is the fact that someone would have the nerve to post on a blog, ready for this, … ANONYMOUSLY!

The nerve! From the article:

… Adams copped to being “PlannedChaos,” writing, “I am Scott Adams.”  Gawker confirmed Adams’ identity with MetaFilter’s founder.

Why do people think that this is acceptable behavior? Really? Come clean dagnabit! Blogs are not mediums to hide your identity. Grow up!

The good news is that he did rectify the problem. Read his response here.

What? Did he think this would be funny?

3 thoughts on “THE NERVE! Part I

    • Tell me about it. I just gave him/her a piece of my mind on the other post.
      You tell him, err, her, err, … yeah, you go!

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