That’s right, THE NERVE! As if the last post wasn’t disturbing enough, here’s another person thinking that being an anonymous blogger is a good thing! Apparently her consciousness caught up with her and she had to come clean. Red it in this article titled School lunch blogger ‘Mrs. Q’ drops anonymity.

From the article:

Writing as “Mrs. Q,” she bought lunch each school day of 2010, photographed it, ate it and wrote about it that night under the title Fed Up With Lunch.

We all get fed up from time to time, but is it really necessary to hide behind a moniker? Is that a realistic approach to solving problems?

Now that we know who she is, I guess it’s OK to provide a link to her blog. Something to do with school lunches. Read it here.

Sorry, I can’t go on with this post. I’m very bothered by the premise.

3 thoughts on “THE NERVE! Part II

  1. I’ll tell you who’s got a lot o’ nerve – you do!
    Make sure you read that comment from the first post.
    Look in the mirror and solve your own identity crisis before you go off on other “anonymous” bloggers!

    There’s got to be other creative outlets for you. What, you get bored every now and then on your self-imposed “sabbatical”?

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind some of your posts. (BTW, some of those posts this past week were kinda’ funny. I don’t know why I liked ’em so much. Sorry, I digress.) It just appears that some have more thought behind them than others; and what’s with the lingo? Ya mind sharin’ your need ta throw slang our way, peep?

    Look, I can go on, but I don’t want to hog up this space in case others want to give their two-cents (I have a problem with people who answer their own questions. Ok, you’re right – the nerve!). BTW, thanks for respectin’ all of the “peeps” comments. You do mean it when you say ya got nothin’ but love for your coworkers.

    Listen, just keep that old saying in mind: If you live in a glass house, don’t go throwin’ any stones. Kay?, Okay.

    • When I first saw this post, I thought maybe an announcement was coming–now I realize that you’re just phucking with us…or you’re starting to crack…

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