Tabula Rasa Sunday: The Mid-Term Edition

Hi Kids!

With mid-terms behind us, and in honor of that wonderful Sunday post that allowed you, the faculty (and admins) of our college, to post whatever was on your mind this past summer, I bring you this mid-term version of Tabula Rasa! [Insert sound of royal trumpets here.]

Go ahead, say what you want. What was good, or bad, or ugly about the week? Need to vent? Do it right here. You want to leave yourself a reminder as to how you will handle week 16? Write it down and check back later. Need to just write about anything? Then have at it!

6 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa Sunday: The Mid-Term Edition

  1. By the time anybody sees this,the posting may be down.
    However, there was posted on the CCC website a listing for a project director for academic management.

    The listing was posted on Thursday October 13, and applications are due Monday October 17.

    So, has the person been hired, and this is just pro-forma?

    What about the transparency that the Reinvention folks have been promising us?

    • The Truman Lounge has a link to the Inside Higher Ed posting.

      The strangest thing is the qualifications: Master’s degree in Business Administration or Computer Science plus three years of experience in higher education research.


      Among other weirdness: the application closes on the 17th and the ad says, “Register for our Diversity Career Fair on October 20th to meet our Hiring Executives!”

      All of it is odd. Nice find, Chris. Bears watching…

      • Given the job description, the qualifications don’t seem to fit. It looks as if they already know who they want to hire, and they fixed the qualifications to fit that person and not the job.

  2. Urg, the posting was down before I got to view it. So, all of our faculty posting deadlines were extended and this one administration posting had a very limited run. Do you think our Board knows or cares? Can’t wait to see who gets this job based on the Board report. Bogus.

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