Isabelle-A-Palooza II



Our colleague, Isabelle Bélance, was, among many other things, a passionate advocate for music, friendship, social justice and her native Haiti, which makes, Isabelle-A-Palooza II, a fundraiser for Haiti with live music and great people the perfect way to celebrate her birthday.

Come out on Saturday night to the Beacon Tap (1374 Lee Street in Des Plaines) to raise some money, hear some music, remember a great person, and meet a few more, even if you didn’t know her. And if you can’t go, please at least consider making a donation through the Web site: LOCATED HERE.

And semi-tangentially (is that even possible), though I’m sure no one will be doing this one on Saturday night, it always makes me laugh and reminds me of her, so I thought I’d throw it in. It’s called, “The Adventures of Isabelle” as covered Cajun-style by Natalie Merchant.


2 thoughts on “Isabelle-A-Palooza II

  1. Wow! I didn’t even know there was a song entitled “The Adventures of Isabelle!” I’ll have to get a copy of the lyrics.

    Thanks for promoting our charity event on the Harold Lounge. Really great! And I hope lots of people can make it to the Beacon Tap on Saturday night. It will be a fun way to remember her and raise some money for a cause she believed in.

    • It’s an Ogden Nash poem, HERE among other places… (and be sure to check out the comments for the ‘last verse’)

      I expect to see you there (early and briefly, but (hopefully) long enough to hear a song or two…

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