Monday Music

Monday Music is a regular feature whose goal is to provide you with some music to get you fired up for another week of doing the yeoperson’s work of educating the citizenry. Requests welcome!

The Chicago Blues label Alligator Records is celebrating their 40th year with a series of shows up in Evanston. Next up is the Siegel Schwall Band, and the next music I’ll be buying is their 40th anniversary double disc–their 20th and 35th are two of my favorite collections, but the 40th has the song with the lyric that is on the back of one of my all time favorite t-shirts from B.L.U.E.S on Halsted: “I’m not drunk; I’m just drinking.” But I digress…

It was Alligator who introduced me to Hound Dog Taylor, Corie Harris, Shemekia Copland, The Holmes Brothers, the Kinsey Report, and the pick up your jaw and carry it to the nearest whiskey bottle singing of the Swamp Boogie Queen, Katie Webster. But that one makes me want to lock the door and turn out the lights; this one feels more like what I need on Monday morning–it makes me want to start tearing down walls and throw bricks, too, but that might be the coffee, too. Anyway, Son Seals, everybody–turn it up!


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