Are we ethically challenged?

Per Brandon’s email message dated October 17, 2011 (feel like burying your head in shame?):

HWC Employees,
Thanks to all of you who completed your Ethics Training on time.  I’ve had many of you ask how did we finish overall (it seems I’m not the only competitive one here after all…LOL).  Well, we started out very strong and originally held an extremely large lead but our sister colleges closed the gap on us and ultimately all but one finished ahead of us.  The results are below:
  1. Daley (97.27% complete/6 employees non-compliant)
  2. Kennedy-King ( 96.08 complete/11 employees non-compliant)
  3. Malcolm X (93.52% complete/21 employees non-compliant)
  4. Wright (94.0%/30 employees non-compliant)
  5. Olive Harvey (92.72% complete/33 employees non-compliant)
  6. Harold Washington (91.99% complete/35 employees non-compliant)
  7. Truman (91.76% complete/65 employees non-compliant)

(So does this bother any of you?)

In the spirit of competitiveness and consequences, I offer you a mini-competition, a-la-Brandon:
Do we need a better incentive to complete the training on time next year? (Creative answers get higher marks!)
What should the consequences be for our 35 non-compliant employees? (Remember, we live in a less violent world; and the point is to encourage ethical behavior)

2 thoughts on “Are we ethically challenged?

    • The folks that require the training?
      The folks that completed the training?
      The folks that did not complete the training?
      All of the above?
      None of the above?

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