Union stuff: I gots a [legal] proposition

It’s my understanding there was an HWC union meeting today. If so can somepeep please, pleeeeeeeease, give a quick reply and confirm that some union leader spoke to some union members? Norma Rae gettin’ a little upset with all the talk, and no words, or minutes.

Tell ya what union leaders, make ya a deal (no, not that kinda corrupt deal). See, I’m postin’ the followin’ video link:
Labor Beat: HWC Community Roundtable on Reinvention.

In turn, perhaps you can post today’s agenda, or a quick summary of the meeting or perhaps, oh, I don’t know… minutes?

If ya can’t post minutes, then add me to the email list of union members so I know you kept your end of the agreement. Here’s my non-ccc email address: chicagorealist@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “Union stuff: I gots a [legal] proposition

  1. Realist, all your confusion about union meetings would be solved if you actually went to one. Jesu’ is transparent, she tells us what is going on and she holds a meeting the third Thursday of every month.

    • Hello, HELLO!
      Yes I would agree that Jesu is being transparent – 85% transparent. I’m just wonderin’ ’bout the other 15%, ya know, agendas, minutes, and updates.
      I’ve provided my email so perhaps that will do the trick.
      BTW, if you attended the meeting, care to share?

      Perhaps I’m teaching the third Thursday of every month and I’m just seeking confirmation of the meeting.
      If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

  2. Perhaps you are an administrator trying to find out what is going on with the union. Or perhaps you are a non-union member and so are trying to protect your job. I understand that Philodave has vouched for you, which means a lot but still….

    Either way, 1600 does have a Google group which is only open to known union members. If the multiple emails and mail placed in union mailboxes is not enough sound, then you aren’t listening? Check your mailbox and/or email Jesú at mariajestrada@aol.com and join the Google group. Fair warning..it is for union members so you will have to identify yourself in addition to providing your non-ccc email. The union leadership sends many emails during the month. Emails which include a copy of the minutes and when there are meetings or special activities such as the Reinvention Roundtable. I think 85/15 is pretty good transparency for a union which will soon be involved in negotiating a contract. That is a debate which may be interesting to have. I don’t think that a public forum is necessarily the best place for negotiating tactics but I am willing to listen to arguments contrary to that belief.

    By the way, I’m embarrassed when our district makes typos or uses text language to communicate with us. I understand the affectation but I don’t know if it helps credibility, ya know? Just wonderin’? Tanks!

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