Friday Faculty Forum

The forum is meant to be a Q&A for all faculty, tenured and non-tenured, who have questions about anything and everything related to working at HWC and working for CCC. Any faculty member can ask a question, and any faculty member can provide an answer. Advice and tips are also welcomed. Admins, consider yourselves members of the forum.

Hey kids, in case you haven’t done so by now, I thought I’d remind you about those mid-term grades being due by today. In person. At the college.

With that said, has anypeep heard any news or rumors (and please specify if it’s one or the other) about submitting mid-term grades online? If you are an administrator, some transparency would be appreciated on this matter.

Perhaps Kojo will read and respond.

5 thoughts on “Friday Faculty Forum

  1. Thanks, Realist. And for the inclusion of that important deadline in the Next Up post. If not for your reminder, I might have forgotten it, myself…

  2. ‘sigh’….the dream of turning midterm grades in online….Can it happen? Or, I suppose, really, a better question is – Why isn’t it happening? It does not seem as if there can be a rationale argument for not turning midterms online when we can turn in final grades online. Any clarity on this would be enthusiastically welcomed…

    • Yes, ‘sigh’ that I can’t do this from the comfort of Camp Realist…
      I’m with you Sarah L.

      At least we have it for final grades.

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