New CCC Web Sites: Check ‘Em

I was poking around the other day, putting off some mid-term grading, and I happened across the Web site for The Herald, our college’s student run-newspaper, and I was startled by the look of it. It was not what I remembered. I wondered if I was misremembering or if it had in fact changed. A few days later I ran into someone who would know who told me that it was new (this semester), and entirely designed by HWC student, Jonathan Post.

“How about that?”, I said. “It looks great.” Exciting stuff–check it out.

Then, still procrastinating, I wandered over to the Truman Lounge, and saw that they have a new blog just for their (new) Center for Teaching and Learning, run by Franklin Reynolds, and it looks like they’re going to populate it with teaching resources. It’s worth looking at, too, if you haven’t seen it. Click HERE to do just that.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Wednesday featured a flurry of new posts on the Reinvention Blog. Check them out, too.

The Provost must be busy, though…almost a month since “this week’s topic” was posted…I’m not saying, I’m just saying is all…

One thought on “New CCC Web Sites: Check ‘Em

  1. Thanks Dave, our new and unique visitor’s views increased over 70% this weekend. As much as I love the kudos, I am hoping to hear some criticism and perhaps be corrected (provided we made errors) by our new found readers.

    So, fire away!
    The Herald.

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