Chicago Public Library Survey

Help out the Chicago Public Library–don’t forget that they have the KPI heat coming down on them, too.

I’m told they have a survey that we can take to “help them better meet patron needs” and that it takes about five minutes and that it’s open through the end of the month.

If you love our libraries as much as I (and my kids) do, then help ’em out a bit. Click HERE to complete the survey.

h/t to Erica McCormack for the pointer!

3 thoughts on “Chicago Public Library Survey

  1. Disturbing news about current library hours and the plan to reduce them even more. Read it here:

    What bothers me the most is the defense being put forth by Rahm. He basically states that since other big cities are doing it, then it’s ok for Chicago to do the same. Sorry, not a good reason. I categorize this under the monkey-see-monkey-do list of excuses.

    Why not ask his corporate buddies to cover the cost of keeping the libraries open? Oh, wait, he needs that money for his re-election bid.

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