One thought on “Two on Civility in the Classroom

  1. These are great perspectives on civility in the classroom which I believe is a microcosm of the world we live in.
    I see some effective strategies for the development of improving” listening skills”.
    The cliche “let’s agree to disagree” is probably a good motto to have in any gathering of people with diverse views.
    Hopefully, teaching and learning these skills will be one step forward in dealing with issues of “bullying” a current social issue of concern..
    There have been many meetings I have attended including department meetings where our esteemed colleagues behave just like the students, engaged in texting or checking out their technology doodads , grading or reading something totally unrelated to the meeting.
    Sad to note, that the posturing at these meetings mirror the bullying behavior we see amongst young adults resulting in the victims becoming depressed and or commiting suicide.
    I say let’s begin by modelling desirable civil behavior before we pontificate on lack of classroom civility/etiquette/decorum or anything else you wish to call it!
    Consider this another aspect of professional development. I am just saying……………..

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