Put Your Thinkers On: Chicago Humanities Festival

That’s right, it’s Chicago Humanities Festival Time!

(Mostly) free events for students and educators alike (see here for details) that feature leading thinkers, doers, and artists (thinking doers), all organized around this year’s theme Tech-KnowledgÊ (pronounced “technology”).

You may have seen something about Evanston day a couple of weeks ago, featuring a talk by Sci-Fi author William Gibson, or last weekend’s Hyde Park day. Fear not, there’s plenty (as in 60 events) yet to come scattered around the city (including a reading by Umberto Eco, a talk by Common, and more!) spread over the next two weeks.

Check out the schedule here (by date) or click on the topics (Philosophy, Literature, etc.). Share the news with your students. Give them extra credit for going and writing it up. Go see something yourself. It’s a great, great, opportunity afforded by our living in a great, great (in many ways) city.

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