Sunday Reading: Student Loan Burden Relief

It’s been in the news quite a bit this week. Maybe you’re looking for something to read about it? Try these:

~Jesse Jackson on why it’s right

~The President on what he plans to do about it

~The list of 123 colleges that charge more than $50,000 per year (is your alma mater on there? Shamefully, mine is. 22 years ago, it cost $14,000 to attend, which meant that my work study job made a meaningful contribution to the cost. Same with my summer jobs. Neither would now, though–barely a drop in the bucket. Terrible.)

~Another opinion piece on how much debt is too much

Post any other good ones you know of in the comments.

(And sorry about disappearing for Friday and Saturday–had a semi-surprise visit from out of town family (and glorious fall weather)–Morton Arboretum, Chinatown, Soccer and flag football games on the lakefront, pumpkin carving, scarecrow making…great stuff. Hope yours was great, too!)

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