Tuesday Teaching Talk

Tuesday Teaching Talk is a regular feature which, as the name implies, is an opportunity to talk explicitly about teaching (and learning) in the practical and philosophical sense that happens on, you guessed it, Tuesday. It could be a question, an article or a tip to name a few options.

I’ll keep the CAST “adverts” to a minimum.  This Friday 11/4 from 10-12 is an extended Technology Tools of the Trade.  Also, the Open Doors/Observation Collective is underway.  9 of us are involved and a few are geared up to observe/be observed.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.  I’m pretty excited about both of these events.  I’m also excited about the CAST research subgroup meeting today at 2 in 1046.  The subgroup will discuss a new initiative having to do with advising and registration, two constantly hot topics.


Now for today’s TTT. 

I’m feeling it.  Are you feeling it?  We’re in week 11.  I consider this to be a very challenging time of the semester since the end is near, but not too near.  Burn out and exhaustion could creep in if we’re not careful.  Non-tenured faculty have something due in a few weeks.  How do you fight the burn out and exhaustion?  How do you maintain your energy and strength moving into the 4th quarter.

One thought on “Tuesday Teaching Talk

  1. Ask PhiloDave to post more Hallo-weeny stories, or stories having to do with ‘turkeys’ (like how I left that one WIDE open).

    No more Chicago Sports stories. Please.

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