Friday Faculty Forum

This forum is a Q&A for all faculty, tenured and non-tenured, who have questions about anything and everything related to working at HWC and working for CCC. Any faculty member can ask a question, and any faculty member can provide an answer. Advice and tips are also welcomed. Admins, consider yourselves members of the forum.

My turn. One statement and one (multiple) question I’d like share and then I’ll throw it out to y’all:

1. I made your post sticky, mathissexy; in case faculty members don’t check emails as often as they check The Lounge. Sorry to hear of the postponement. (I’ll let you or PhiloDave make it un-sticky after tomorrow if I forget to do so.)

2. What happened? Schedule conflicts with presenters or with the college? Did you get a last minute request to change a faculty session by an admin? Were you denied access to rooms? Did we lack the tech tools to pull this off?

(I don’t want or expect CASTMAN to answer, but if some anonymous peep knows, feel free to share.)

4 thoughts on “Friday Faculty Forum

  1. My question is what’s happened to the Provost’s blog? It’s just dead air.

    Makes me think of when a character in a movie says, “It’s quiet.”

    And then someone else says, “Yeah. Too quiet.”

    I wonder what’s cooking over there…

  2. In the spirit of true transparency, here goes. I was slated to do 2 of the 6 presentations. I’m unable to make it in today. My son is sick. But really this is just coincidence. Even if he wasn’t sick I fear, as did many from CAST, that the attendance would have been very low mainly because of the last minute nature of the advertising and the meetings scheduled for this morning. I made an executive decision to postpone the event for fear of wasting presenters’ time. The event would have survived without me but this seemed like the right decision. Attendance at events has been low, but I’m hoping with some more clever advertising and word of mouth, that attendance will increase despite everyone’s busy live’s. There will be an event and so far 12/2 is seeming like the best time. I assure you that there will be more advertising. Those who are concerned about the fact that 12/2 is nearly the end of the semester needn’t fear. The hope is that the workshop will introduce you to a new technology you can use next semester.

    Allow me to take a minute to vent while my son sleeps quietly in his crib. CAST will be holding elections for the new coordinator (my term is up) very soon. I believe that CAST needs to be an integral part of our campus culture. In the past few days, I’m guessing that several lounge readers received e-mails asking for examples of things you’ve been doing. I received an e-mail asking me to detail the professional development opportunities CAST has offered this semester, including FDW. In a way, I felt that this request was a chance to justify CAST’s existence. The point is that holding an event where the number of attendees is less than or equal to the number of presenters is not a valid justification of CAST’s existence, hence the postponement. I am confident, though, that the nearly finalized new CAST charter (and enactment of that charter) will help CAST to be sustainable and successful. The alternative is FDW 2010. The alternative is impersonal, decontextualized mandated professional development that doesn’t reflect Harold Washington’s unique mission and vision. We need to seize this opportunity. CAST belongs to the faculty. I’m looking for a successor. I’ve won the past 2 elections by default. I want a legitimate election for coordinator in which the best person gets the position and moves CAST from good to great. This semester has been a step in the right direction but we need to keep moving forward.

    Thanks for reading my cliche-filled rant. See you around.

    • Thanks for the transparency CASTman.
      I believe you’ve done an amazing job in a turbulent sea of change (locally and at District).
      I’m with you regarding the need to keep this ship moving forward and faculty driven!
      Give us the coordinates Captain!

      I hope your son is feeling better.

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