Tonight on Campus–The Interrupters

Just in case you missed it in the last post: Humanities adjunct extraordinaire Nick Fraccaro has managed to wrangle a screening of The Interrupters–the latest film from Chicago’s cinematic magic makers, Kartemquin Films (the group that did Hoop Dreams), who have teamed with Chicago super author and injustice documentarian, Alex Kotlowitz (There Are No Children Here) to tell the story of CeaseFire.

This movie is a likely candidate for an Oscar nomination, and not yet out in theaters, yet it will be screened for HWC at 7pm TONIGHT as part of Humanifest-OH! (the Humanities department’s annual celebration of the arts) with a guest speaker. Go if you can; tell your students if at all possible.

One thought on “Tonight on Campus–The Interrupters

  1. small correction: for anyone who missed the screening, the movie is playing in lawndale regularly and cycling at the siskel center.

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