Harold Lounge Football Pool: Week 9 update

First, shame, shame, shame on all you peeps that picked the Eagles over the Bears.
Second, double-shame on you pool players! (Yes, I was the only one that favored the home team [upon further review, there were a couple of other “smart” players]; but to be completely honest, I was also the only pool player that picked the Chargers over the Packers – and I almost had that one point, if not for the self-inflicted mistakes by that San Diego team-and they were at home too!)

OK, quick update as of week 9 – on the NFL calendar:

Player Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Total
PhiloDave 7 13* 11* 11* 8 7 8* 10* 8 83
Chicago Realist 8* 11 8 11* 9* 8 8* 8 8 79
marta lacor 0 9 10 11* 9* 9 7 9 10* 74
Mathissexy 6 8 8 8 8 10* 7 9 8 72
MrDrProf 0 0 0 10 0 0 7 9 8 34

The asterisk indicates the weekly points leader.

As you can see, PhiloDave remains the overall leader. I’m just hangin’ tight, waiting for him to break his concentration (how long can he really remain focused-finals week might be the real test!)
Check out marta lacor – comin’ up strong. I told ya she was givin’ us a head start. IMHO, she’d be in the lead otherwise.
There sits Mathissexy, waitin’ to pounce on the leaders knowin’ that it takes but ONE week’s picks to invert the rankings.
MrDrProf, marta lacor’s clone is doin good. It makes me want to alter the rules for next year and let peeps have multiple players. Ah, what am I sayin, there were no rules to begin, other than to pick a username (or two) and join.

The offer to join will remain open for those who want to get ready for the playoffs.

Here’s the link: http://hl2011.football.cbssports.com/e

Here’s the password: hl2011

Get a username and set your password. Picks need to be made one hour before the game goes live.
I hope PhiloDave forgets about those upcoming Thursday night games and gets too busy prepin’ for Thanksgiving so we can all gain ground.

More updates to follow as needed. (So kids, too early to discuss a potential 16-0 regular season for the Packers?)

4 thoughts on “Harold Lounge Football Pool: Week 9 update

  1. Shame on all of you for going with the Ben R***ger over Flacco!
    Thanks for the vote of confidence Realist,

    • Picksburgh (that’s how it’s pronounced in Pennsylvania) was at home and they had already lost once to Baltimore. Yeah, what was I thinking, I know.
      Have fun with the remainder of your picks!

  2. I have and will continue to pick the Bears to lose every week and will win this thing with a cushion, if not going away.

    Book it.

    • Let the trash talkin’ begin! (I do like your competitive spirit.)
      Here goes:
      Tell your Packers to get some defense before that game against the NYG.
      They probably saw some good examples while watching their NFC rivals this past Monday.

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