Friday Faculty Forum

This forum is a Q&A for all faculty, tenured and non-tenured, who have questions about anything and everything related to working at HWC and working for CCC. Any faculty member can ask a question, and any faculty member can provide an answer. Advice and tips are also welcomed. Admins, consider yourselves members of the forum.


1. I hear we had a fire drill this Thursday afternoon at exactly 2:20pm. How did that go? As planned?

2. Speakin’ of drills, which relate to safety of students, I was reading our college newspaper, The Herald, and some mention was made about our new emergency system in an article. You can read the whole story here, but this is the paragraph that intrigued me just a tad bit:

“Recently we installed, throughout the building, emergency call stations for use in emergencies only. Their use is being disseminated throughout the building on posted bulletin boards, classrooms, laboratories and public areas,” Rozell stated.

Has this information been disseminated to you? In the event of an emergency, did you know the system was operational?
“Not I”, said I.

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