Tuesday Teaching Talk

Tuesday Teaching Talk is a regular feature which, as the name implies, is an opportunity to talk explicitly about teaching (and learning) in the practical and philosophical sense that happens on, you guessed it, Tuesday. It could be a question, an article or a tip to name a few options.

Today is the 2nd Technology Tools of the Trade!! Topics include Animoto by Vincent Wiggins, Glogster by Michal Eskayo, Course Content in the Cloud by Ephrem Rabin, Bookmarking by Camelia Salajean (tentatively) and something else (could be Prezi, Wordle, Google Docs, or pong in the classroom) by me.

Also, I’m writing this on Sunday night hoping that today (Tuesday, the day of the post) will be the day I find out about the release time (currently 3, hopefully 6) for the next CAST coordinator.  Nominations and the unveiling of the new charter (which includes policies surrounding the use of room 1046) will occur this week, with any luck.

Now for the TTT.

Given the lack of response as of late, I’m making this a wildcard, freestyle, whatever you want in lieu of sharing some of the content of a very interesting conference call I took part in with folks from the Faculty and Staff Development task force having to do with changes to the tenure and post-tenure processes as well as professional development.  Once I have more info, that will be its own post.  I’m getting my notes and thoughts together. So post what you like about teaching, professional development, ponies, etc.

If you can’t stand that much freedom, here are a few questions.

What do you want from CAST?

What do you want in the way of professional development assuming you have time to engage?

What is your preferred medium for professional development (in person, in print, in-ternet, etc.)

What is your favorite type of cookie?  Heads up for a cheap plug…CAST is having a cookies and grading day on Friday Dec. 2.  The CAST room (1046) will be open and filled with baked goods (hopefully) to fire you up to grade or write papers or exams.  I know that many in the English dept. will be in the throes of grading exit essays.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.  See you at 2:30.

One thought on “Tuesday Teaching Talk

  1. “What do you want from CAST?”
    1. More of the same. (For example: Good leadership, good sessions, and full involvement in the creation of FDW activities.)
    2. See number 1.

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