Nominations for the next CAST Coordinator (and Vice Coordinator)

In case you missed the e-mail…


Hello all,

I hope the near end of the semester is going well for you.  I’m excited to announce that the time has come for nominations for the CAST Coordinator.  I’m even more excited to announce a few changes with respect to CAST officers and elections.

First, CAST now has 2 officer positions that have release time.  Previously the coordinator received 3 hours of release time per semester.  Now, the Vice coordinator will also receive 3 hours of release time per semester.  You can find the descriptions for each position by clicking on the link below.

Second, once the nominations are in, an election will be held.  The top vote-getter will be the coordinator and the 2nd highest vote-getter will be Vice coordinator.  Note that both positions are for one year (January to December)

As for the nominations, to nominate a colleague, simply e-mail me at this address or at  I will then e-mail the nominee to verify her/his acceptance.  THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS MONDAY 11/28.  Elections will occur from Tues. 11/29-Mon. 12/5.  The new officers will “inaugurated” at the final CAST meeting of the semester on Tues. 12/6 at 2 in room 1046 and will begin in their positions at the conclusion of the Fall semester.  Note that CAST meetings occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2 in room 1046.

Thanks for reading.
Chris Sabino
CAST coordinator
Assistant Professor Mathematics

P.S.  Save the date!  Cookies and CAST (a working title) is happening on Friday Dec. 2 in 1046 (now with some artwork).  The room will be open for grading, socializing and technology questions (if applicable).  It will also contain various baked goods from willing donors. The idea is to have the room open all day for this sort of interaction to end the semester on a high note.

One thought on “Nominations for the next CAST Coordinator (and Vice Coordinator)

  1. Also, the Pedagogy Subgroup has their monthly meeting this Tuesday at 2 in room 1046. The following week (11/29) is the Reearch subgroup’s meeting and the week after that is the last Full CAST meeting of the semester (12/6) at which point the new coordinator and vice coordinator will be handed the figurative reins for their reigns possibly in the rains of a blustery winter day (fun with homophones).

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