Contest Redux

That’s right, Realist. All of the guesses as to when HWC’s Website will go live have expired, so it’s time to rebid!

I’m going with Wednesday, December 14th at 11:04 am.

As a special bonus bit of holiday fun, I’m also offering a second contest: when will Kojo’s blog have a new post? It’s been 10 weeks since the last one. Is the bloom off the rose? Do you think the lack of posts will get a mention in the Board Report? Did we offend?

No matter. Make your guess as to when The Academic Voice goes live again.

I’m going with Wednesday, December 14th at 11:04 am.

7 thoughts on “Contest Redux

  1. I wonder if we motivated the e-mail announcement. Check your e-mail “HLoungers”.

  2. I guess December 20 at 7:00am! This is a completely random guess that has absolutely nothing to do with the e-mail we received concerning the new website that I obviously didn’t read. And frankly, I’m kind of offended that you think I’m lying.

  3. [With audience behind me waving hands and shouting numbers.]
    “Bob, even though the price has been revealed, I’ve learned to not trust the facts. Nothing against the district side show but I think it’s a trick.”
    “We just need your bet. What’s it going to be?” says Bob.
    [Enthusiastic cheers, waving, and shouting still coming from behind. I turn, looking to get some answers, then turn back to look at the host. Pause. I move close to the mike and proceed to make an announcement.]
    “I’m gonna say…”
    [One more turn to the crowd, focusing on the loudest bunch towards the back. I look and nod in agreement, then I turn back to the mike and now, not sure why, but I blurt out the first date and time that comes to mind.]
    “December 22nd @ 10:17:21 am District server time! That’s for both the website and blog.”
    [I don’t see the numbers, but I hear the classic electronic sound locking my bet in for this round. The crowds continue to cheer, crazy-happy, for the next contestant. It’s now a waiting game…]

  4. I’m thinking since I’ll have to change all the links in our marketing, it will be at the busiest time of the year when I won’t have time to update anything.

    January 7th at 10:38pm

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