Friday Faculty Forum

This forum is a Q&A for all faculty, tenured and non-tenured, who have questions about anything and everything related to working at HWC and working for CCC. Any faculty member can ask a question, and any faculty member can provide an answer. Advice and tips are also welcomed. Admins, consider yourselves members of the forum.

Semester is almost behind me/us/we. Just gotta get those grades in.

Does any peep know the deadline for submitting final grades? I don’t remember seeing a memo or email for the registrar’s office.

Tanks!, and I’ll be back with a list/countdown before Christmas. This year’s theme? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know. Any guesses?

7 thoughts on “Friday Faculty Forum

  1. You should have received an e-mail telling you when final grades were due. I got my e-mail on Dec. 3 telling me my grades for all of my classes are due 12/14. I’m not sure if the e-mail was sent to all faculty or just full-time faculty. One of the adjunct faculty in my department asked me the same question. I asked if he’d received an e-mail and he hadn’t. It is possible that he wasn’t checking his CCC e-mail though. When I was an adjunct, I didn’t even realize I had it until the very end of the semester. No one had told me.

    I have a question for the readers. I just submitted the grades for one of my classes. The status for those grades is now “ready for review.” Who reviews them? Why are the grades not automatically made available to students? This may be a system thing because UIC has a delay in grade posting as well but I don’t know if their delay and our delay (and the status from above) are for the same reason.

    • Thanks, mathisisexy.
      I also thought it was the 14th but I figured I’d ask just to be sure. Time to rummage through those old emails.
      Regarding the ‘ready for review’ status, my guess is that somebody somewhere either locally or district-wide has to look at the grades and then click some other button that reads ‘ready for students to see’, right?
      Honestly, I too don’t know why the grades wouldn’t be made available to students ASAP.
      Ok, say I make a mistake entering grades. Who would know it was a mistake and how would “they”, whomever “they” are, communicate this to me?
      The absurdity of what I am guessing about is nuts. If my guesses are not too far from the truth, then we gots major problems and flaws in our system.

    • From e-mails/word of mouth from the Spring and Summer semester, I’ve heard that after we submit the grades electronically, the process is still similar to how we operated when submitting grades by paper. On the following Saturday after we submit grades (Dec. 17, if this applies for this semester), the registration office reviews our electronically submitted grades and makes these available for the students. I do not know the purpose of this process (perhaps it is just in case there are bugs in the new system, and administration wants human eyes looking for illegitimate letters or saving errors, which would be a sensible move).

      The students should see their official grades after Dec. 17.

  2. As for the theme, last year you did movies if I remember correctly. Perhaps this year you’d have songs (maybe unique holiday duets) or is that too obvious?

    • You are a good mind reader!
      Holiday songs is on the back burner. Perhaps next year. Not this year.
      Thanks for playing, mathissexy.
      Any other peep care to take a guess?

        • Hi PhiloDave,
          Perhaps this year I’ll make time to watch Bad Santa – which could result in Christmas movie quotes in the future.
          Not this year. Thanks for playing. (Next stop, Netflix!)
          Guesses are welcomed up until the 13th of December.

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