12 Days of [Children’s Literature before] Christmas

The 12 Days of [Children’s Literature before] Christmas is a semester break special borrowing from the traditional 12 Days of Christmas (that occur after December 25th). The point is to get you into the spirit of the season by recommending one book per day leading up to Christmas. The books can be read by children of all ages (when do we really stop being children?) and to children of all ages (who says a newborn doesn’t understand what you read to her/him?).
Comments are always welcomed.  May your days and wintry evenings be merry and bright as you cuddle-up with a blanket and book, and maybe in the company of other children. Enjoy!

7 Days before Christmas: It’s a Wonderful Life for Kids

In honor of last year’s movie selections for Christmas, I offer y’all this title. What makes this book special is the author, Jimmy Hawkins. Who is he you ask? Well, he was that young boy who played the part of Tommy Bailey in the movie? What movie you say? Go to last year’s post. The plot then is going to be predictable, but what a nice way to introduce those youngsters to the plot of a wonderful story.

High-five to the book worms at Camp Realist who are assisting me with the list.

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