Happy Spring Term, Everybody!

Well despite elaborate planning and scheming and  a voluminous list of ideas, the Lounge is off to a meager start, but the Spring term is off and running, though that might be a bit generous.

Did the building seem amazingly quiet to anyone else today? The lobby was dead. I guess, if nothing else, the new registration scheme has to get some credit for eliminating the long lines in the lobby.

Anyway there will be more this week–the fun and the frivolous, as well as the serious and teeth grinding, but enough of all of that for now.

Props and thanks to the Realist for vacation holiday list. My biggest regret of 2011 was not posting a new Winter Bucket List, but since it hasn’t been winter yet, I suppose it worked out and we can go with that dandy old gem as our opener for 2012—what did you do over break?

3 thoughts on “Happy Spring Term, Everybody!

  1. Are we suppose to be back workin’? I didn’t get that email or memo. I guess I should check my email and mailbox.
    Just… finding… it… difficult… to… leave… this… parallel… universe… I… discovered… while… away… from… H… W… C?

    Mario Kart? Awesome! Good to have you back PhiloDave.

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