Random Readings

I have a huge backlog of stuff from the last five weeks or so of last semester through the break, so every once in a while (until I get behind again), I’m going to slap a bunch of it up at the same time for you to see/pick through/come back to (as you wish). You’re welcome! And yes, they will all go to 11. Because that’s how I roll, people.

1. There must be something in the air (or maybe it was a topic at the MLA convention), but I find two pieces about the use of the word “like” on the same day (HERE and HERE);

2. Google asks some interesting questions in their interviews (answers here);

3. Our neighboring state (Indiana) is already revamping their Performance Based Funding formula (established 2009) to include new metrics that focus on first year mile markers and not just completions;

4. The editors of The Atlantic listed the best book they read last year;

5. More on Moneyball for colleges;

6. I’m thinking about using this essay as the “easy part” of my initial critical reading assessment in my classes this semester–it’s called “Is College a Scam?”

7. Again, not sure why, but within a few days back in August, there was a rash of stuff about author Nicholson Baker, “America’s foremost author of sex novels;” maybe its a sign of my shelteredness, but I’d never heard of the fellow–made for some interesting reading (HERE and HERE);

8. An interview (audio!) with an amazing philosopher, Kwame Anthony Appiah, from a great series;

9. Did you know that Blackboard was bought this summer? Here’s the news, and here’s a look at some developing competition and here’s a guess at what the future of LMSs might hold;

10.For the sports fans, one of the editors of Longform.org, posted a list of the ten “best” long form journalism stories from 2011 for Deadspin–I’ve read about half of them, and every one has been spectacular;

11. And just in case you were puzzled, as I was, by today’s Google doodle, you can go HERE to read about Nicolas Steno, the “father of Geology”

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