Harold Lounge Football Pool: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Here we are peeps, right in the middle of the NFL playoffs and I forgot to update you in the results of our regular season pool.

We have a winner. Big congratulations to PhiloDave for picking the most wins over the course of the 17 week regular season. Here’s the summary:

PhiloDave: 166 (Nicely done. Consistent effort from start to finish.)
marta lacor: 163 (After missing week 1, came back to almsot beat PhiloDave.)
Chicago Realist: 161 (What can I say, I sided with the Bears for one too many games.)
Mathissexy: 141 (Not bad for a guy who has a newborn in the house. Fumes from the diapers may have clouded his mind, I think.)
MrDocProf: 86 (Marta’s alter-ego. Played sporadically, kinda like the Bears.)

There you have it folks. CBSSports did not let the picks continue into the post season, otherwise I woulda had a chance to, nah, what am I sayin, I woulda picked GB, the Saints, and Tebow’s team.

PhiloDave, let this win be a consolation to that unexpected loss on Sunday. Can’t say I’m too surprised. The Packers defense was picked apart like a new faculty member’s tenure portfolio. Worry not PhiloDave, I feel your pain. Remember, I’m a Cubs AND Bears fan. Anytime you want to commiserate, just let me know. Focus on your regular season pool victory boss.


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