Faculty Council Corner

Faculty Council Corner is a regular Thursday morning-ish feature (that sometimes shows up later) , presenting an open thread for you to bother your HWFC members with pressing questions (or for us to post the pressing questions that you have). Also, you can expect this to be the forum where we post regular updates about what is happening with Faculty Council and when.

This Week’s Updates: Nothing much new this week. We are, however, semi-desperate to find some faculty who are willing to serve on the District Wide Faculty Council (FC4). They meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 3pm (I think), usually at Malcolm X, and HW is supposed to have three elected members and one appointed by HWFC. As of right now, one of our elected members (unfortunately for us, but due to good things for her) had to resign and has been replaced by appointee (and awesome person) Jess Bader. Another of our elected members is on Sabbatical this spring and still needs a substitute for the rest of the semester. A third of our elected members notified us this week that she won’t be able to continue serving on FC4, given her duties with Reinvention and so also needs to be replaced. Rosie is our HWFC appointee.

In other words, we have two of four possible votes on the District wide council accounted for and two that need appointing. Any and all interested parties are encouraged to contact one of your HWFC reps. Appointees must be full time faculty but need not be tenured. Let us know if you’re interested.

Last “Week’s” Pressing Questions: Nary a one. Nothing, that is, except for what the Mayor’s speech means for our colleges. I guess that one counts. Nothing else, though.

5 thoughts on “Faculty Council Corner

  1. This week’s question: What should we, the (unionized) faculty body at HWC, do about all the talk from Rahm regarding City Colleges? Is my faculty council talking about this at meetings?

    I’d go into details and specifics, but there’s enough posted on this blog for all to know what I mean. Lots of talk should lead to some action.

  2. I have a question for my fellow readers. Did you have a problem this semester with the textbooks for the class and our bookstore? In particular, were the correct books there for the student and, more importantly, were there enough of them? I’m wondering how many of us have had to intervene to make sure that errors are corrected. Personally, I’ve never in all my years at HW experienced a situation like this semester in which over half of one my classes is still without the textbook. I thought after the chair’s meeting last semester that addressed this, that problems would disappear. I’m hoping that my case is an anomaly.

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