Over the Transom: Developmental Education

This one came in by email from Jennifer Meresman (English):

On Thursday I’m going to be interviewed by a reporter for The Economist. Here’s the info I was given: “Reporter is Natasha Loder of the Economist and she is interested in trying to better pinpoint where [CCC] students are falling short in literacy and math.”

Certainly, I have my own thoughts, but I’d like to be able to speak to a broader experience than just my own. Do you think it is appropriate to start a discussion about this on the lounge?

If so, will you post it?

Yes and Yes!

And so, here it is…fire away.

2 thoughts on “Over the Transom: Developmental Education

  1. I agree with Hellokitty, but I’ll give you my two-cents.
    Don’t forget to mention how CPS and CCC have not collaborated in the past and how CPS (I’m not sayin’ teachers, ok) has graduated students, ready or not for college, just to get the problem child out of their hands.
    If you think I’m lying, I’ll introduce you to my neighbor’s son.

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