The Conductor Leaves the Station

I was genuinely saddened when I heard on Thursday morning that Don Cornelius had died, but I didn’t really know what to say about it or how to write about it without it being kind of…well..I don’t know…like one of those things where somebody famous dies and people go around saying, “Did you hear?” as if the telling is what’s important.

Anyway, I didn’t know what to say about it, and so I was glad to come across this post on Crooked Timber. It has great videos, too.

I have great memories of watching Soul Train on Saturday afternoons, dancing in the basement in front of the tv, and for a time in my life, instead of goodbye, I’d say “Peace, Love and Soul.” Though I’m sure it was taken to be, I was not being ironic in the least. What a great wish for anyone. I hope Mr. Cornelius got (and gets) his.

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